Ray Ban 2132 New Wayfarer

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The drugs were found concealed inside stereo speakers during the inspection of a shipment at a port in Melbourne.Thirty seven kilograms of heroin were also found during the bust, in which an x ray was used to reveal «anomalies within the speakers.»AFP said that the meth had an estimated street value of AU$1.197 billion ($834 billion), while the heroin was worth AU$18.5 million.Police said that the cargo came from Thailand. No arrests have been made as investigations continue.Australia’s Border Force (ABF) Regional Commander Victoria, Craig Palmer, said the bust would have a major impact on the supply of illicit drugs in the state.»Without the sophisticated targeting and detection capabilities of the ABF, these drugs would have made it to the streets of Melbourne and beyond,» Palmer said, adding that the seizure represented more than 13 percent of the total amount of drugs seized last year.»The effect of these drugs on the community and families would have been profound. It may be your loved one, a friend or neighbour who has been spared the terrifying impact of this mammoth shipment,» AFP Organised Crime Acting Commander Peter Bodel.Although the shipment came from Thailand, the vast majority of amphetamines and heroin are produced in a region known as the Golden Triangle, a region that spans Myanmar, Laos and parts of northern Thailand.According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), a kilogram of crystal meth in northern Myanmar is worth around $3,000, while the same amount would cost up to $600,000 on the streets in Australia.The UNODC said in a report in March that there had been a «significant increase in methamphetamine production» across the region.»Volumes of methamphetamine and other synthetic drugs originating from the Golden Triangle to Thailand have reached unprecedented levels», said Niyom Termsrisuk, Secretary General of the Office of Narcotics Control Board of Thailand.A report in 2016 by the Australian Crime Commission found crystal meth, which it called «a drug of concern in Australia,» was «presenting a risk to the Australian community in a number of ways,» and was likely having a major impact on rising crime figures..

Esto podría haber creado una oportunidad para que Snap persuadiera a la empresa a que vendiera sus anteojos, elaborados por el fabricante chino Goertek Inc. El problema era que se vendían más o menos al costo, lo que implicaba que el minorista tenía poco margen de ganancia. Además, a US$130, socavaron las ventas del Wayfarer Classics de Ray Ban, que cuestan US$153, pero con mayor funcionalidad.

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